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About Good Foods

Good Foods Enterprises is a privately owned company that has been committed to delivering healthy and tasty nut free snacks and beverages to children for over ten years.  We are the single largest Five Star distributor of Elementary School Milk Programs in Ontario and are very happy to be recognized year after year as a Five Star Milk Service Provider.

Good Foods offers only nut free products and works continually to be more environmentally conscious.  Our revolutionary spill resistant sip pouches are easy to store and distribute, are recyclable in most areas, reduce waste by up to 75% and significantly reduce refrigeration storage space, making room for our other great snacks, while passing the energy savings on to you. 

Fresh, Cold Milk        Mr. Cookie from Good Foods

Each year, we source new and innovative snack and beverage options, always with our children's health in mind.  We added smart ingredients to our very own Mr. Cookie®,  enriched with DHA Omega 3 and 6, our Mr. Cookie not only tastes great, but is also beneficial to brain health.

Good Foods takes enormous pride in the impeccable service we happily offer our customers.  Our delivery routes cover the entire GTA and its many surrounding areas on a regularly scheduled day each week.  With each delivery, our courteous drivers will inspect the fridge, rotate milk and help deal with any issues you may have.

Good Foods takes tremendous pride giving back to the local and international community by supporting a variety of youth focused initiatives. Acting locally, we have created a Good Foods Scholarship, which annually provides financial aid to students from our milk program. The scholarship fund enables students to attend youth leadership conferences and residential leadership camps. Acting Globally, Good Foods donates a portion of all milk pouch sales towards building schools for children in Africa.